Fun Ways To Make Mothers Day Extra Special


Our mothers work so hard in their day to day life to ensure that the family is provided with a clean house and proper food on the table. She works every day without any leaves or even any expectations. Her happiness so purely lies in the happiness of her family. A family’s growth and well being is all a reflection of the mindset of the mother. A mother grooms her child to be the best version of them. She instils the best values and morals to make sure that they face the world fairly and head-on. She ensures the safety and health of her child to the best of her ability.

A mother needs no definition; the word in itself represents pure and unaltered love. In various religions, a mother is equated to God. Her instincts towards her child are godlike as she can almost immediately figure out if you are sad or a bit down without the need for you to utter even a single word. Mother’s day is an opportunity to celebrate the bond between a mother and her child. This day gives us an excuse to spend some quality time with our mother, the most important women in our life. But planning something for someone who means the world to you can be a bit nerve-wracking as you want everything to be just perfect. While sending mothers day flowers online is also a great way of celebrating this day, but let’s check out a few fun options that you can opt, to make this day perfect.


Movies are a great way to spend some good time with your mom. If you feel like your mom needs to go out and do something rather than sitting at home and just worrying about everyone else in the family, plan a movie date with your mom. If your mom is not into all the new movies and likes the 90’s ones, plan a movie night right in your living room. If you plan a movie night at home, it will be far more fun as the whole family can be a part of this celebration. This is essentially a great idea if you are a student and have no source of income. You can buy a few snacks such as chips, popcorns and soft drinks to make this plan even more special and memorable.


If your mom is not that into spending three hours on a movie and instead would go out for a short trip, you can arrange a trip for the whole family together. Nip doesn’t usually mean a long or a costly o when I talk about a trip. A short trip to a nearby hill station or a lake can also be a great trip option. You can also plan a long ride to a nearby picnic spot to enjoy some home-cooked lunch at a beautiful location. Doing so will help you to catch up with everything that your mom wants to share and discuss.

Gardening Tools:

With the urbanised culture, and as we are losing greenery around us, people have started recognising the worth of green and healthy surroundings. Because of all these people have started taking an interest in gardening. If your mom loves to engage in this activity, this might be the best option for you. You can get your mom a set of gardening tools to make sure she is all prepped for her next flowering season. You can also give her a few plants to add to her collection as a gift on this mother’s day.

Get Together:

If your mom loves socialising with all her friends and family, planning a backyard surprise get together can be a fun way of spending this mother’s day. You can send your mom out shopping while the rest of the family can take their time to decorate and plan that perfect get together. You can add music, Karaoke Machine, games, and so much more to make this party a memorable one.

Even if you feel that you might not visit her, sending flowers to India can be the easiest and almost the easiest gift that you can opt for. A mother’s love cannot be compared to anything in this world. As she holds her newborn in her arms, the feelings and emotions that come over here are just indescribable. The tears of joy that she has at that time are a mixture of these overcoming emotions of happiness and love towards that infant in her arms.  This Mother’s day, make your mom proud and happy by giving her a thoughtful gift or celebration. 

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