Some Crazy Rolex Watch Nicknames that You (Probably) Didn’t Know

crazy rolex watch nicknames

Do you know who ‘Stelline’ is? Or, ‘Jean-Claude Killy’?

No, these are not any animation or fictional film names. Instead, they are the nicknames that people have ascribed to many popular Rolex watches ever produced.

And many Rolex models have nicknames whose derivation and meaning are gloomy to at least any ordinary person. Thus, this post aims at offering you a free and effective translation that you can relate to when you skim through an auction catalogue.

However, it is also essential to note that some of the Rolex nicknames are now pretty common and universal that made the official names outdated. You can find out some of these monikers here too. Just keep in mind that the nicknames are typically associated with famous, rare and coveted models. At the auction, these Rolex watches can quickly sell for hundreds of thousands.

So continue reading to dig into some craziest Rolex watch nicknames; read them a few times, and they will eventually stick in your mind.

The Padellone

This is one of the two vintage Rolex watches that feature moon phases and triple dates. The watch got its Italian moniker “Padellone” due to its flat, oversized 38mm case. Interestingly, Rolex offered this timepiece in different metal choices like yellow gold, steel and pink gold.

However, the “Padellone” enjoyed a short production time. While Rolex made only two examples of this model, they are scarce. This watch can fetch nearly hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction.

The Jean-Claude Killy

The Dato-Compax is one of the most complicated timepieces ever produced by Rolex. The watchmaker made only five iterations of this watch – Reference 6236, 6036, 5036, 4767, and 4768. And all these references are collectively called the ‘Killy’.

But why the watch is nicknamed ‘Jean-Claude Killy’?

The watch is nicknamed after the famous skier Jean-Claude Killy who became the brand’s ambassador in the 1960s. No one could ever spot him strapping a Dato-Compax in any pictures or ads. However, he was known to own one. Undoubtedly, the Rolex Dato-Compax is among the rarest and coveted vintage Rolex watches.

The John Player Special

Watch enthusiasts and serious collectors have seen several versions of Daytona since its inception in the market. The iconic ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona watches with the exotic dial, manual-wound Daytona versions, and the ‘John Player Special’ Daytonas have been significant members of the revolutionary Rolex Daytona series.

The ‘John Player Special’ nickname of the Daytona refers to the gold and black regalia of the John Player Special cigarette brand.

The Stelline

In the early 1950s, the Rolex Reference 6062 sports an Oyster case along with a triple-date complication and moon-phase. The significant fact is that it is one of only two vintage Rolex watches to incorporate these features together like this. However, Rolex made a few modifications and replaced the normal indices on several Reference 6062 watch dials with stars.

Eventually, they attained the Italian nickname ‘Stelline’ that means ‘starlet’. While these timepieces are rarer, they are priced accordingly.

The Mil-Sub

The nickname ‘Mil-Sub’ is typically referred to the references 5517, 5513 and 5513/5517. However, many other earlier Submariner references are also referred to by this moniker. From 1971 to 1979, Rolex produced nearly 1,000 to 1,200 versions of these timepieces for the British MOD and supplied them to SAS and SBS operators. Some of the defining features of these watches are circle ‘T’ dials and graduated bezels.

The Paul Newman

Perhaps, you are familiar with this nickname, at least. In the 80s, the famous actor Paul Newman was spotted wrapping one exotic dial Daytona around his wrist. And since then, Italian collectors started referring to these Daytona watches as the ‘Paul Newman’.

However, Rolex calls these Daytonas ‘exotic dial’ editions. Interestingly, Singer designed the exotic dials that flaunted cool art deco numerals.

The Kermit

Rolex released the Reference 16610LV to commemorate the Submariner’s 50th anniversary in 2003. However, it was the first Submariner to feature a vibrant green bezel and a contrasting black ‘Maxi’ dial. Collectors nicknamed the watch the ‘Kermit’ after the famous frog.

The Hulk

A Rolex timepiece much greener than the Kermit joined the iconic Submariner collection in 2010 as Reference 116610LV. Like the Kermit 16610LV, the Reference 116610LV also flaunted a green bezel. However, the difference between the two is that the Kermit featured a green aluminium bezel, and the Hulk sported a green Cerachrom bezel.

Furthermore, Rolex equipped the Submariner Reference 116610LV with a green dial for complementing the green bezel. Considering the all-green face and bulkier case, collectors nicknamed the watch ‘Hulk’ after the comic character, a massive green monster.

However, the Submariner Hulk is one of the most sought-after Rolex watches globally. After its discontinuation in 2020, the watch has become more desirable in the pre-owned market. This means those looking to sell a Submariner Hulk can rest assured to secure top prices for it from potential watch buyers.

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